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Through robust research and inclusive
creativity, we help organisations
make products and services better
for people’s needs and everyday lives.

Travis Perkins

Jul 2021 - Aug 2022

Areas of responsibility
User research, System and data analysis, Design strategy, UI design, Workshop facilitation, Prototyping, Service storytelling, Presentation
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About ExperienceLab

ExperienceLab is a people-centred design and innovation agency within Serco. We generate ideas in partnership with consumers, clients, experts, technologists, artists and scientists. Then by constantly prototyping, testing, tailoring and improving, we quickly and efficiently deliver solutions that work. From customer service to digital optimisation and employee engagement; our work drives tangible, effective change across multiple sectors. Our focus and passion is bringing organisations and real people closer together. Everything we do is evidence-based and people-centred, and we help clients to embed that ethos seamlessly into their business.

As the first designer in the team

ExperienceLab, renowned for its 20-year history of user research excellence, has more recently diversified into strategy, design, innovation, and development to broaden its client base. As the first designer to join the team, I have the opportunity to collaborate with user researchers on a wide range of B2B and B2C projects. Together, we uncover and analyse human insights, explore design opportunities, and create prototypes to bring our ideas to life. I also contribute to the team's growth by enhancing internal design capabilities and streamlining our work processes. This includes collaborating with various user researchers and facilitating knowledge-sharing within the team as needed.



Serco delivers services to governments and other institutions who serve the public or protect vital national interests. The team aimed at transforming the adult learning and skills market; and simultaneously lead digital innovation for Serco in other service offerings. As part of the Serco's innovation department, we work with Serco CS, Microsoft, Leitha and Elastacloud to develop a brand new Learning Platform to an MVP (Minimal Viable Product), targeting L2 and L3 learners in England. 




The Learning Platform is an 'All-In-One’ digital platform that empowers citizens to find employment, skills opportunities and funded training courses available in their local area.​ The tool includes an innovative new funding finder and eligibility checker. The platform will be launched in August 2022. 

Feb 2022 - Present
Learning Platform
What I have done

.Initiated the creation of a learning platform from scratch, refining wireframes through iterative development and usability testing in collaboration with user researchers

.Conceptualised and crafted low and high-fidelity prototypes to visualise the user journeys for learners, training providers, and administrators

.Drafted comprehensive user requirements for both front-end and back-end user experiences

.Maintained regular coordination through handover meetings with external IT teams
Nov 2021 - Jan 2022
Workplace by Facebook


For developing world-class products, Meta need detailed and continual feedback on their prototypes. As their trusted partner across multiple-facets of Meta, we provide prompt feedback on the services we are asked to test, and if required, we conduct discovery research, to learn more about the potential users of those services.


Our partnership with Meta has continued to grow over the years that we have worked together, during which time we have been continually supporting them with developing their products that are used by individuals worldwide.
What I have done

.Conducted multiple rounds of usability testing involving more than 40 users in the UK and US to assess the sensibility of recent platform updates and the seamlessness of user flows

.Collaborated closely with Meta's design team to implement interface changes and develop new features based on our recommendations

.Summarised the research findings in a comprehensive report, including an assumption matrix and practical design recommendations for each research iteration



WorldFirst had identified the need for a broader understanding of their UK-based market, with a focus on their current and prospective customer needs and behaviours. We were engaged by WorldFirst to build an
understanding of the pricing preferences of Western B2B eCommerce buyers.




From our research, we delivered key insights to help WorldFirst understand their market and potential users better, mapping actionable recommendations to these insights to ensure that their pricing strategies matches Western B2B buyers' expectations.

Oct - Dec 2021
What I have done

.Conducted discovery research to help Worldfirst reassess their pricing strategies during their international business expansion

.Sourced and conducted in-depth interviews with 10 financial decision-makers within their respective companies

.Delivered the research insights to the team along with pricing templates to demonstrate participants' preferred pricing models and suggestions on how to articulate their service's value more effectively
Aug - Sep 2021
The Bathroom Showroom


We were engaged by The Bathroom Showroom (TBS) to explore and define the future digital customer experience of visualising bathroom makeovers, with the goal of disrupting the current market. The project had 3
phases. Firstly, in the ‘Discovery’ phase, we would explore the current customer journey and identify opportunities for improvement. Secondly, in the ‘Ideation’ phase, we facilitated workshops to generate solutions. Finally, in the ‘Prototyping’ phase, we created low-fidelity mock-ups of the solutions to test with users.


Our approach resulted in a disruptive and practical digital platform solution and a supporting app, that customers described as ‘brilliant’ and ‘exciting’. The solution brought together the use of e-commerce features, app technology, such as in-phone measurement functionality, and practical project management features to create a seamless, end-to-end bathroom renovation experiences for all user types.
What I have done

. Designed the core features and crafted prototypes for a mobile application aimed at enabling users to visualise The Bathroom Showroom's products within their bathrooms using AR

.Led workshops to unite target users, professional installers, and the Travis Perkins team, fostering collaborative brainstorming sessions and guiding design decisions

.The team recognized the application's potential and initiated its development



The SWS programme provides a solution to recruiting and managing Serco’s contingent labour market as a result of current high workforce demands such as Serco’s Track and Trace contract.​ It is intended for SWS to serve as the primary gateway for contingent work in future Serco contracts. The SWS team have ensured thorough testing and review throughout the development but are yet to fully assess how the journey is experienced from candidates’ perspective end-to-end, across all channels. 




We understood the full ‘attraction to hire’ journey in order to identify areas for improvement and to support smooth transition and positioning of the solution going forward.

Jul - Aug 2021
Serco Workforce Solutions
What I have done

.Engaged in comprehending the recruitment experience of Serco's temporary workforce and identifying design opportunities

.Undertook a 'Mystery Shopper' exercise to navigate and assess the recruitment process, along with interviews involving 15 Serco employees and recruiters

.Presented the joys and pain points experienced by various personas through journey maps. Subsequently, conducted a co-design workshop to prioritise the identified improvement opportunities
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