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Hi, this is Cammy. I am a service/ experience designer with a background in product design. I am passionate about creating user-centric experiences to bring fresh perspectives and positive energy into our everyday lives. This ambition drove me to upskill myself by pursuing a Master's degree in Service Design in 2018. Working on live client projects equipped me with the skills to create a seamless and holistic experience by being a system thinker. I am also proficient at making use of data analysis and emerging technologies strategically to align business goals and the needs of people.

How I work as a service designer




An attentive listener

I am strong at uncovering subtle yet valuable insights through conversations with stakeholders. Being an attentive listener is crucial to ensure the wants and needs of stakeholders are being captured.



Co-creating with stakeholders

Co-creating with stakeholders through workshop facilitation would be an effective way to gain inspiration and immediate feedback on my initial thoughts of the project.



Asking ‘what if’

I enjoy the challenge of balancing creativity and practicality by asking ‘what if’ to think beyond the norms and imagining viable future scenarios.



A storyteller

I tell compelling stories of my ideas through different media to give audiences a clear picture and realistic feel of the designed experience.

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I am based in London at the moment and ready to collaborate with you to make a difference!


Thank you!